How to Pick the Right Clothes for a Fun Travel Abroad

A lot of locals can easily spot tourists when they visit: they wear flip-flops or rubber shoes, carry fanny packs or large back packs, have cameras on their hands, and they seem to have forgotten how to dress up. While it is ideal to stay comfortable when traveling, visiting cities especially in Europe can be very tricky in terms of fashion. You want to feel like you can hide in a sea of locals and not call upon attention. If you are to travel from city to city or country to country, it pays to have one or more of these essential fashion items for traveling to ensure a successful trip in style.

Europe- Jeans are not a bad option if you want to look casual but it also will look nice if you can wear a lightweight shirt and a single breasted jacket over. Low to mid-high sneakers is great casual options if you wish to walk around the streets or Rome or Florence. In Paris, looking chic and stylish would mean a lot to the locals. They may not tell you outwardly that you look ugly on your flip-flops, but the fact is: they would. For popular European cities, wearing a nice pair of trousers or jeans, shirts and t-shirts over a blazer, and a nice pair of leather shoes or sneakers will surely make your look less touristy and more dapper. These essential fashion items for traveling are ideal if you want to look casual, chic and not too stereotypical

Asia- humidity and heat are obvious in Asian countries especially in South East Asia so the essential fashion items for traveling would be shorts and t-shirts or sleeveless tops, but remember that you will also stay indoors and so layering up your outfit is a great strategy. A simple jacket will suffice. Unlined blazers can make you look a little bit more dressed up, but a simple jacket over a t-shirt and pants would easily fit you in the busy cities like Manila, Singapore or Bangkok. While other cities like Korea, Japan and Beijing can be fairly cooler than other destinations in Asia, it is still ideal to layer your outfits so you can peel off a jacket when you get hot outside or wear it back if the air conditioning is too high inside the Mall, which is also a common situation in Hong Kong.

Always pack the essential fashion items for traveling based on your itinerary. This list is ideal only for a standard city trip in which the temperatures vary considerably indoors and outdoors. For adventurers, your outfit will surely vary, focusing more on items that do not require constant washing and maintenance.

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